French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is definitely no stranger to the films of Lars von Trier. She starred in both Melancholia, alongside Kristen Dunst, and in the controversial Antichrist, with Willem Dafoe. Her daring performance in that latter movie proved she's not afraid of edgy and disturbing material, to say nothing of nudity and strongly sexual roles. That should come in handy on the next film where she's reuniting with von Trier, a charming little outing entitled The Nymphomaniac.

Variety says Gainsbourg is in talks to star in Nyphomaniac, which von Trier will yet again write and direct. The film is described as "an explicit exploration of a woman's erotic life," and given von Trier's track record, you can expect the film to earn that "explicit" tag. In fact, the film's release plans are already taking into account the fact that its material may be too risque for some theaters. The film will be shot in two versions: a more tame mainstream version and the uncut "hardcore" version.

Aside from the brief description above, we don't know much more about The Nymphomaniac. Some details came out last summer, including that the film will follow "the sexual growth of a woman from age zero to age 50," and that its content may border on or outright cross over into the pornographic. Not too surprising for a film called The Nymphomaniac, especially from this director. Still, given von Trier's love of pushing the limits, who knows what sights you may have to burn out of your corneas this time around.

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