Maybe the most remarkable thing about Steven Spielberg's War Horse is that, despite the old-fashioned vibe of the movie, it was shot almost entirely outdoors, replicating the battlefields and farmhouses of World War II-era Europe with a sharp accuracy. That pays off massively in many scenes, but maybe no more than in the battle scene of No Man's Land, with German and British soldiers neck-deep in mud in the trenches, and our heroic horse Joey running for his life, and getting snagged in barbed wire for his efforts.

In this exclusive bonus feature clip from the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD release of War Horse, producer Kathleen Kennedy and Spielberg give a sense of exactly how authentic and rough those outdoor locations were-- to the point that even the world's most famous director couldn't avoid some deadly mud puddles. Check it out below.

If you like what you see, there's a lot more where that comes from in the War Horse 4-Disc Combo Pack, which contains the two-disc Blu-ray as well as DVD and digital copies. The set hits shelves on April 3, but we're giving you the chance to pick it up early. We're giving away ONE copy of the War Horse 4-Disc Combo Pack!

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Good luck!

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