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Chris Carter Reveals X-Files Movie Secrets

It’s been hard to report on anything about the X-Files movie without it being denied by the studio and X-Files creator Chris Carter. Mulder as a werewolf? Oh, those were images from another project. Scully and Mulder smooching? Just something staged for annoying interruptive press. The latest news, aquired by SciFi Wire’s coverage of the Paley festival should be a little harder to discount considering the source. Carter himself finally shed some light on a few minor details about the upcoming sequel.

First of all, how about that lack of a title? ”I can't tell you," was Carter’s response to the question, although this time at least he had a reason beyond just annoying obfuscation. "I don't know, really [what it is]. I know what I want it to be, but Fox has ideas of their own. And I know what it should be."

Maintaining that the movie is not a mythology movie, primarily to make it more accessible to new fans, Carter did shed some light on what older fans can expect from the film. The story will reveal a little about Mulder and Scully’s love-child, William, who was given up for adoption during the show’s final season.

Even though this is a stand-alone picture, it does take some ideas from the original sequel Carter wanted to do to the previous film, although they are ideas that were revisited ten years later because the index cards with the initial ideas on them were lost over the decade. ”It was the best thing that could have happened, because I think that the story that we came up with now, the movie we just did, is superior to the story that we had. And it made us work harder."

Unfortunately, that’s all that has really been revealed, which isn’t a heck of a lot. If fans enjoy being kept in the dark and discounted rumors, they might enjoy hearing that Carter would like to move his other semi-successful franchise to the big screen as well. Although he admits a Millennium movie would be “a long shot,” all the creative people who would need to be involved are interested.