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Parents. They can be so proud. Always Tweeting shit about their kids on social media. But when your dad is Ron Howard, the Tweet he shares about his daughter might end up being MAJOR breaking news on a hotly anticipated franchise.

The above Tweet, posted on Monday, shows Ron’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard with about-to-blow-up star Chris Pratt. As you can see, dad’s capturing the moment these two "first met." Then he reveals that they are going to star in the upcoming Jurassic World together.

Wait, what?

Howard actually writes "Juraissic," so maybe he doesn’t mean Jurassic World, the massive sequel Colin Trevorrow is setting up over at Universal. But given what we’ve already reported on the movie, it’s safe to say Ron’s fingers got a little sloppy. Breaking news can be hard!

Pratt has been "in talks" for a part in World since November. Bryce Dallas was first linked to the sequel in September, though nothing has been confirmed. In fact, all we have heard since then are additional casting rumors circling everyone from Idris Elba to Jason Schwartzman. Now that a start date for production has been announced, expect Universal to issue a press release solidifying what Ron Howard already has informed his loyal Twitter followers.

What do we think we know about World? It’s supposed to take place 22 years after the first movie, and fans shouldn’t view it as a reboot. More of an extension of the developing story. Trevorrow helmed the winning Safety Not Guaranteed, and we can only imagine the wonderful things Aubrey Plaza said about her Parks and Rec co-star helped earn Pratt the job.

As if he needs one. Pratt also has a part in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a sci-fi/comic franchise that literally is going to launch his star into the stratosphere later this year. (It opens in August.) Granted, everyone knows that the "star" of any Jurassic movie is the dinosaur – or multiple dinosaurs, depending on how many Trevorrow decides to unleash on his audience.

But we’re living in a world where the talented movie stars are claiming multiple franchises, whether it’s Chris Pine in Star Trek and Jack Ryan or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games and X-Men. If you only have one franchise, you’re a sucker… and Pratt is no sucker.

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