My freshman year in college, there was this kid down the hall from me that sewed his own Halloween costumes and watched Hocus Pocus every single day during October. One day, I stopped him in the hall and asked, “Why Hocus Pocus?” Looking back, I probably should have asked, “Why watch the same movie every day?”, but at the time, I remember thinking it was more impressive than ludicrous. He explained to me that Hocus Pocus was the only good, non-violent Halloween movie out there and that Bette Middler owned. It’s true if you think about it, at least the good, non-violent part. Almost all Halloween movies have some element of savagery. Hocus Pocus may have witches, but it’s really more about fun, adventure and growing up. That strange kid would have approved of this news.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chuck showrunner Josh Schwartz has latched onto a script written by Colbert Report writer Max Werner for his directorial debut. The comedy, entitled Fun Size, follows an angsty teen forced to take her brother trick or treating. You may remember Max was forced to take an adorable Thora Birch house to house in Hocus Pocus, but don’t expect any foolish black candle lighting here. No one gets summoned back from the grave, they just get separated, which leads to a desperate search for the little brother before mom gets wind of the misadventure.

Fun Size is reportedly being hurried for a Halloween release. Forced to choose between it and Paranormal Activity 3, I’ll take the sarcastic teenage girl. We’ll see how the rest of America decides.

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