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Cinderella Blu-ray Clips Show Restored Picture And Some Classic Moments

Disney’s classic Cinderella is available for the first time ever on Blu-ray today in a Diamond Edition set that comes chock full of extras. In the cutest marketing move ever, the Cinderella: Diamond Edition Blu-ray hit the market at midnight (Cinderella’s curfew time!) on October 2, and to celebrate, Disney is offering fans a few clips that take a look at Cinderella’s dress transformation and her race to escape the ball, all in glorious restored picture.

In the first clip, Cinderella’s meets her fairy godmother, who assures her she can still go to the ball. With our heroine’s newly tattered dress, it seems like a pretty unfortunate situation, but that’s what fairy godmother’s are for. Who am I kidding? I’m sure you’ve seen this movie before and know what happens, but still, the reworked picture is worth a look!

The second clip shows Cinderella escaping the castle at the stroke of midnight. She’s sure in a hurry. I honestly forgot how wild that scene was, with Cinderella hopping into the carriage at the last moment and narrowly escaping as the castle workers close the giant gate at the front of the property. It’s such a great action scene, and I can’t believe it never burnt an impression in my memory, before.

As I noted before, Cinderella is a film most of us know fairly well. If you are wondering whether or not it will be worth it to shell out to purchase the new set, you can check out our Cinderella: Diamond Edition review or check out the set’s cover art and extras.