Civil War: See Frank Grillo In His Badass Crossbones Costume

Captain America’s in trouble. Frank Grillo is on the set of Captain America: Civil War. And the actor just shared this awesome shot of his character – Brock Rumlo – in his new costume, as Crossbones. Check it out!

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Frank Grillo has been having fun with his star-spangled co-star, Chris Evans, as they build up to Civil War. They had mild Twitter beef awhile back. And now it seems like Grillo is upping his game, telling all of his lucky followers that he’s coming for them. All of them. Then he drops what has become his trademark signature, a lone "x."

This Crossbones costume is fantastic. It’s an accurate representation of the villain in the comics, a classic Captain American adversary who first appeared in Captain America #359, in 1989. Fans found it curious when Grillo played Brock Rumlo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier without turning in to his popular, villainous alter ego. But as you will recall, Grillo was badly beaten in the film’s final fight, and emerged from the battle beaten and scarred. His transition into Crossbones was inevitable, and now we’re seeing what became of him. Look for the damaged Brock Rumlo at the 2-minute mark of this video:

From the look of the costume shot that Grillo just shared, the mask will cover his burned face, and his skin will be protected by the black and silver armor. He has enhanced gloves that look like metallic battering rams, while his shoulder harnesses look like they include bullets. Like I said earlier, Cap’s in real trouble in this movie.

According to rumors, Crossbones will be part of a global incident that puts the world’s leaders in opposition to superheroes, because of their collateral damage. A Superhero Registration Act will be passed, with Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) taking up opposing sides of the debate. Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters on May 6, 2016. Now, with more Crossbones!

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