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Who is Arthur Newman? That is the very question at the center of Dante Ariola's directorial debut Arthur Newman. Penned by Seven Years in Tibet scribe Becky Johnson, this original dark comedy stars Colin Firth as Arthur Newman, formerly Wallace Avery. See, Avery was a man who'd lost much of his assets and forward momentum. A divorced golf pro thought to be past his prime, he's an annoyance to his girlfriend, a has-been on the circuit, and a disappointment to his son. So, Avery opts out of this floundering life by faking his own death. Firth describes his character and his drastic decision thusly:
"They called him the choker because he would always choke on the final hole [in golf]. His marriage proved unsatisfactory. His relationship with his son is unsatisfactory. He has a bad relationship with his current girlfriend. And he just decides not to accept it.”

Newly minted as Arthur Newman, Avery sets out on a road trip to become a new force in pro golf. But when his path crosses with a beautiful but mysterious young woman named Mike Fitzgerald (Emily Blunt), he slips further and further into crimes and misdemeanors that range from identity theft to breaking and entering. And is sex in a stranger's bed a crime? Because if so, it looks like Mike and Arthur are guilty of that one too from the look of the EW's exclusive trailer

Together these two damaged people running from their pasts try to forge a bold new future. And as you might suspect from the casting of its affable stars, romance begins to bloom as they vacation in the lives and vacant homes of others. But with a premise like this, it's a far from typical love story. ”It’s not the inevitable romance, it’s not the inevitable failure to have romance,” Firth explains. “I found it followed a very truthful path about an ordinary person.”

Arthur Newman opens April 26th.

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