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Could Oscar winner Colin Firth be leaping from the Coen Brothers’ crime comedy Gambit to a leading role in Danny Boyle’s next picture?

As Boyle snaps crucial pieces into place for his developing feature Trance, a bank-heist-gone-wrong thriller, casting rumors continue to swirl. While James McAvoy reportedly is locked in to the role of Simon, his X-Men: First Class cohort, Michael Fassbender, allegedly will not be along for the ride. Now Twitch Film is going so far as to say that Boyle actively is pursuing King’s Speech star Firth to take Fassbender’s place in the role of Aiden, though we don’t know much beyond the names of Boyle’s characters and aren’t sure how they fit into the overall narrative.

Firth isn’t the only actor on Boyle’s wish list. Scarlett Johannson is being approached for the major supporting role of Elizabeth. No formal offers have been made to either actor, but “who Boyle wants, Boyle gets.”

Johansson’s involvement, while automatically making Boyle’s film a better looking endeavor, also brings up scheduling conflicts. We know that the actress is on the hook for Joss Whedon’s current tentpole picture The Avengers, where she plays Black Widow. Her name also is attached to Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin, with Patrick Warburton, but IMDB has that with a 2014 release date.

The chance to work with Boyle should entice virtually any actor to clear out their schedule. He recently coached James Franco to an Oscar nomination for 127 Hours, and the idea of him directing what’s sure to be a kinetic bank heist flick has our pulse racing. Here’s to hoping Firth and Johansson sign on to Trance, but until then, we can look forward to watching them in the equally-excellent-looking Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and We Bought a Zoo, respectively, when they open later this year.