Comic Con 2011: Ving Rhames' Piranha 3D Survival Explained, Sequel Setting Revealed

I unapologetically love Piranha 3D. In fact, my roommate and I saw it in theaters twice, then made our girlfriends watch it and repeatedly high-fived every time they turned away in disgust. It was an awesome bonding experience. Needless to say, we’re pumped for the next one, but with the majority of the cast, dead, assumed dead or unwilling to go anywhere near the sequel, many fans are a bit apprehensive about whether the next installment will approach the B-movie awesomeness of the original. Rest easy, fellow man-eating prehistoric creature fans.

Cinema Blend’s own Kelly West spent time with Piranha 3D star Paul Scheer earlier today at Comic Con and practically attacked him for answers. He played coy at first, but after some wild guesses at the fate of co-star Ving Rhames’ character, he confirmed one of her stabs in the dark was spot on. The badass, last seen frantically killing piranhas with a boat motor, has survived, but he’s got battle scars to prove it.

Ving Rhames is back and he is afraid of the water. We are friends now. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe a piranha support group. I bring him to a water park to get him reacquainted with water, because he's afraid of water. It just happens that that's the day that piranha attack the water park. So that is, our journey. It gets insane. It's crazy balls bananas.

I wish there was a keyboard symbol that got across a sigh of relief. There is no reason in hell why Ving Rhames’ character and Paul Scheer’s character would end up at a waterpark on the same day as another piranha attack. That’s why this is so damn great. There are certain rules every film needs to follow based on genre and overall goals. The whole point of Piranha 3DD is to pack as many bloody, gory, shit-eating, offending, uncomfortable, salacious and nudity-filled moments into an hour and a half. A legless Ving Rhames encountering his arch nemesis for a second time in some rundown family fun hole is an awesome start.

Piranha 3DD opens this November. With a buxom title like that, how could you stay away?

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