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I've already brought you the first of my interviews about Thor at Comic Con, a chat with director Kenneth Branagh and Marvel CEO Kevin Feige, and now it's time to meet Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. While the interview is just as short as the other one, we got Hemsworth to talk about one of the juicier rumors to come out on the set, that he and co-star Anthony Hopkins aren't getting along. While he gave the denial you would expect, he also had some interesting stories to tell about working with Hopkins on the set, and how the two of them worked it out when the rumors hit.

Hemsworth also described the feeling of being onstage just hours earlier when the full Avengers cast lined up for the first time, and answered a last-minute question about the appearance of the rainbow bridge in Thor. Check it all out below, and keep coming back for more from the Thor cast.

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