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Comic Strip Cat Heathcliff Getting His Own Movie

First they announced they would be bringing back The Brave Little Toaster with an iPhone as a character. Then it was revealed that they were working on a new version of the television series Mister Ed that would be a CGI/live-action hybrid. And today Waterman Entertainment has made its latest acquisition.

Continuing its trend of picking up family friendly known properties, the Steve Waterman-owned film company is now developing a film adaptation of the long running comic strip Heathcliff. The deal was negotiated with author and rights owner Peter Gallagher (no not that Peter Gallagher) and they plan on keeping the writer on over the course of the project's development. Said Waterman in a statement, "“When working in concert with the creators and rights holders, you are able to tap their wealth of knowledge on the character and ensure the storylines remain true to the brand and their global fan base. This will allow us to confidently present Heathcliff to a new generation and excite fans with new stories and plots."

So they're making a CGI/live action hybrid movie about a wisecracking orange cat who originated in the daily funnies? Explain to me how this movie is going to be an different than Garfield (or, worse, it's sequel Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties). Have we really not had enough time to explore the subject matter of crazy cartoon cats who don't act like normal cats do? Given that this is the company that brought us the Alvin and the Chipmunks trilogy, I can't imagine that they'll be digging into any deep philosophical areas.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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