Commit Your Friend To Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum played a huge role in Batman Begins, with the Scarecrow freaking out all the patients and threatening to overrun Gotham with crazies. But it takes something of a backseat in The Dark Knight, either because the Joker is enough crazy for the whole thing or the set designers didn’t want to build the Arkham set again.

But you and a lucky friend can pay a short visit to Arkham in online form, in what might be one of the last neat pieces of Dark Knight online marketing. (Man, can you believe we won’t have any new teasers to look forward to from this brilliant marketing team?) Head over here armed with a good headshot of your friend—I used Fantasy Moguls analyst Steve Mason, but I swear, only because he had a good headshot, not because I wanted him to go to Arkham and be crazy. It’s a slightly more sophisticated version of those “Have this random villain call you friends” marketing campaigns, and, like pretty much everything involved with The Dark Knight, pretty creepy. Just make sure your friend isn’t annoyed when they find out you committed them; otherwise you won’t have anyone to see Dark Knight with tomorrow.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend