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Some college kids are assigned to read “The Communist Manifesto” as part of political theory courses. Not me. I just bought it from Borders one day because I figured it was one of those historically important documents that everyone should pore over before you die. It’s basically just thirty pages of a few brilliant ideas clouded in archaic terms. The words bourgeois and proletariat also appear at least once every four or five words. Thankfully, the story behind Marx and Engels' friendship and eventual partnership is much more exciting.

In fact, this Communist cooperation is so intriguing to Raoul Peck that he wants to bring it to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Haitian national will be given an estimated twenty million dollar budget to trace the brilliant author’s younger days. It will include his mediocre rise to prodigy status and his love for his future wife, Jenny von Westphalen.

Shooting is scheduled to begin next Feburary which will force hungry fans of Senator Joseph McCarthy to wait at least a year and a half to protest. I’m actually really excited for this. I’m no Red, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the genius mind and possibly naïve heart of Karl Marx.

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