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Concept Art Reveals Doomsday From Unmade Bryan Singer Superman Project

Ever since Zack Snyder was named as the director of the next Superman movie, people have been desperate to know who the film's main villain is going to be. For years, and particularly following Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, people have be aching for a change, no longer wanting Lex Luthor to be the central bad guy. One name in particular that fans have been clamoring for has been Doomsday, whose claim to fame is killing Superman back in 1992. Turns out that if fans had accepted Singer's take on the character that we would have gotten to see him.

Bleeding Cool has uncovered five concept art images by artist Steve Johnson from a Bryan Singer Superman movie that was never made. Johnson posted the artwork to his Facebook page, and while four of the images are fairly unremarkable drawings of Supes (though the cape being part of the "S" on the chest is kind of weird), it's the fifth image that has been catching people's eyes. While the image doesn't have a label, Johnson confirms in the comments section that the image is indeed of the Kryptonian killing machine.

It's also worth noting that Johnson was the man who posted those horrible looking costume designs from Tim Burton's Superman Lives a few weeks ago (I continue to have nightmares). Check out the images below, leave your thoughts about the comments section, and perpetually wonder about what could have been.

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