Connie Britton Comments On The Friday Night Lights Movie Status

Those still holding out hope for a(nother) Friday Night Lights movie will be pleased to hear that Connie Britton still sounds fairly positive that a big screen follow-up to the beloved TV series will eventually happen. That’s the good news. The less than exciting news here is that the update sounds more or less the same as it did last year.

Since the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights, which was based on a movie and a book before that, wrapped up last year, many fans have hoped that the series would be adapted back to the big screen for a follow up film that would take the story even further. A few months back, Britton, who played Coach Taylor’s wife Tami in the series, was quoted as saying that “everybody really wants to make it happen,” but also that she thought Peter Berg (director of the original film and developer of the TV series) was going to be pretty tied up with other projects this year.

Britton spoke with E! at PaleyFest recently and the update she gave sounds somewhat similar.

"I don't know what the script is going to be like or when we're going to start shooting but they're serious about it." Still, she warns that fans may have to be patient. "I don't think it's going to be a rush because people are really busy doing all of the things that they're doing and Peter Berg has got a big movie coming out this summer."

So it seems things are about where they were a few months ago, in that people want it to happen, but definite plans aren't in place and schedules are a factor. On the bright side, for those who are hoping to see this rumored movie become an actual project, it does sound like it’s still in consideration, which is better than nothing. Britton's uncertainty but positivity sounds about on par with what fellow FNL star Michael B. Jordan said recently, in that he didn’t know “how real” the movie was, but did say he was up for returning to the role of Vince if it does happen.

Personally, as much as I loved Friday Night Lights, and would definitely like see it on the big screen. I can’t say it’s as high on my list of anticipated TV-to-movie adaptations as other projects. By comparison to Party Down and Veronica Mars, both of which had relatively short runs, and 24, which had a long run but ended wide open and could really use a better conclusion, Friday Night Lights being on the back burner for a little while seems fair. The series had a good run and it ended well, which makes me less anxious to see the story continued. But it’ll be good news if there’s a point when Berg and the casts’ schedules work out and a movie can be made, even if it takes years for it to happen.

Kelly West
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