For those of you hoping for a(nother) Friday Night Lights movie, there’s some not so great news on the status of the potential project. Connie Britton offered a vague update on it, which sounds as though the film wouldn’t get going until late next year, if at all.

TVLine caught up with Britton to talk about tonight’s (bizarre, dark, creepy, bloody) episode of FX’s American Horror Story, in which the former Friday Night Lights actor stars. During the conversation, they asked her for an update on the Friday Night Lights movie. Back in October Britton said Peter Berg, the director of the FNL film, and developer of the NBC series, was “totally fired up” to do the movie and that Jason Katims was talking about writing the script, however from what she says now, Berg is tied up with other projects:
I think Pete [Berg] is really tied up next year, so I don’t think that would happen until the end of next year — if it happens at all. But everybody really wants to make it happen.

What she says about Berg isn't all that surprising. It’s the “if it happens at all” that sounds a bit less optimistic than fans of the football themed drama series (which was based on a movie, which was based on a book) will want to hear.

Berg has two projects in the works, the first of which is directing Battleship, which is due out next year. IMDB also has him listed as set to direct a film called Lone Survivor, which he also wrote.

So while it sounds like Britton would still be up for doing the movie, the project may not happen anytime soon. This is, of course, assuming there’s no one else available to take over the project in Berg’s place. But given Berg’s involvement in the original film and the series, it’s hard to see that as a positive scenario. Waiting might actually be the better option here, even if it takes years.

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