Could Tom Hardy Play Det. Harvey Bullock In The Dark Knight Rises?

This morning's big news eliminated The Riddler from contention in Christopher Nolan's Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises, but has only managed to make people more curious about who the film's main baddie will be. Killer Croc? Black Mask? Clay Face? Whoever the character is, most expect that the role will be played by Tom Hardy, who was mysteriously cast in the film two weeks ago to the day. The main challenge is figuring out the perfect bad guy that can both fit into Nolan's hyper-real universe and follow the plotline created at the end of The Dark Knight. IMDb may have a possible answer.

On the page, which has been updated with the new title, Hardy is now listed as playing Det. Harvey Bullock. While this could normally be written off as simple IMDb gossip (the site has posted Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler before), what makes it worth reporting is that it fits so damn well. First appearing in 1975, Bullock is a member of the Gotham Police Department and a crooked one at that. Though he has the entire force lying for him, the character has a streak of police brutality and has known connections to organized crime. At the same time, the man is tough as nails and an effective detective.

Could Bullock be the man that Commissioner Gordon brings in to hunt down the caped crusader? Hardy definitely has the skills for the part and would probably look damn good in a fedora and a trench coat. Though IMDb casts lists are known to be spurious and based on little-to-no information, there could be some reality here. Sound off in the comments section.

Eric Eisenberg
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