Couple Arrested While Watching Batman V Superman After Drunk Sex Fight

Plenty of people have made out in movie theaters before. It’s one of those cliché high school tropes that one would expect to find in an old 1980s John Hughes movie. However, sometimes people have a tendency to take this idea a bit too far. A couple in England recently found this out the hard way when they decided to get frisky during a showing of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it did not end well for them at all.

According to a new report from Daily Mail, it appears that a couple from Manchester, England has been arrested for drunkenly having sex in a movie theater during a screening of Batman V Superman. When employees at the cinema asked them to stop, the male half of the duo angrily assaulted a member of the theater staff. At this point, the couple remain in police custody; both of them have been charged with outraging public decency, and the man has been charged with assault. We think it's safe to assume that's not how they thought their date night would come to an end.

Somehow the Manchester Police Department has managed to maintain an incredible sense of humor about the whole ordeal. Following the arrest, a tweet was posted to the department’s Twitter account describing the situation in a quintessentially dry, British fashion:

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I think that there exists a very important question that we should all be asking ourselves right now: what part of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice got them in the mood like that? Sure, everybody loves superheroes, but Dawn of Justice is a particularly dour and dark affair. Perhaps they just needed to do something to distract themselves from Zack Snyder’s unique visual style? We may never know.

Not to sound too old-fashioned, but this incident just represents another example of how movie theater etiquette seems like it's slowly but surely going out the window. Although Batman V Superman has admittedly been out in theaters for quite some time, that’s no excuse to take advantage of the (hopefully) empty auditorium. It’s disrespectful behavior such as this that has caused many people to quit going to their local cinema altogether, and it’s this behavior that could eventually lead to the rise of new movie-going formats like The Screening Room.

If you decide to finally get around seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we recommend that you simply sit there and watch the movie. You’re far more likely to end up in a jail cell than Penthouse Forum if you follow this couple's example. The extended Ultimate Edition of the epic DC superhero showdown will be available this summer, so you and your significant other can do whatever you want while watching it... at home!

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