Creature From The Black Lagoon Remake Gets A Writer

Creature From the Black Lagoon
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Writer Dave Kajganich has become a bit of a specialist when it comes to remakes, particularly in the horror genre. The scribe began his Hollywood career in 2007 when he wrote the script for the Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake titled The Invasion (with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman), and he has since been attached to updated versions of three Stephen King books: It, Pet Sematary and The Stand. And now it appears he'll be taking on one of the classic Universal monsters.

Despite the fact that the 2010 remake of The Wolfman didn't exactly go as planned, the studio is now planning a remake of The Creature From The Black Lagoon and according to THR Kajganich has been brought on to pen the script. While there were earlier reports that said filmmaker Carl Rinsch would be directing the new movie, apparently that's no longer the case (perhaps it has something do to with the drama surrounding 47 Ronin?)

While there aren't any plot details about the new film yet, the original was about an amphibious monster who lives "in a remote Amazonian river" and the scientists who wish to study him. There is no director currently attached, and while the project has been in development since the early 80s (holy shit) Kajhanich will reportedly be working from a clean slate.

The writer's only other previous credit is the 2009 Joel Schumacher film Blood Creek, starring Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell, Michael Fassbender and Emma Booth. He also wrote the adaptation of the Michael Finkel memoir True Story, to which James Franco and Jonah Hill are currently attached to star.

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