The Berlin International Film Festival came to a close on Saturday, after showcasing foreign films seem to be of a higher caliber than the popcorn munching moneymakers that American companies are producing and distributing. But right now we want to focus on a Berlin movie that finally stars Nicolas Cage as a caveman. Let us rejoice.

Deadline gives us the newest clip from Dreamworks Animation’s The Croods, which screened out of competition in Berlin. It isn’t hard to imagine why a film starring Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Clark Duke isn’t trying to size up next to Golden Bear winner Calin Peter Netzer’s Child’s Pose, which follows a mother who tries bribing her kid out of jail. But let’s make things clear: The Croods actually looks like it could be one of the best non-Pixar flicks out there, and if its story is half as good as the visuals are, this could bring in the adults who don’t have kids begging to hit the theaters.

So watching Eep (Emma Stone) and Guy (Ryan Reynolds) make a cute and clumsy mess of themselves while trying to avoid a giant bird isn’t necessarily side-splitting highbrow humor, it still give a sense of how gorgeous these backgrounds are and how this film might make 3D seem more legitimate to previous naysayers like me.

Experience the Croods’ beautifully strange and dangerous journey into the unknown when it hits theaters on March 22, 2013.

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