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Crouching Tiger: The Phantom Menace

Movie moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein are about to do the unthinkable: They're making more Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. With Ang Lee now officially Hollywood's Best Director, I guess they thought it was time to cash in on all his past work.

Variety says The Weinstein's have acquired the rights to the books Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is based on. They plan to develop a whole line of stage plays and movies based on them. Crouching Tiger is based on the fourth book in the series of five, so Bob & Harvey will be making three prequels to Crouching Tiger.

Will Ang Lee be involved? Well he isn't yet, but Bob & Harvey plan to approach him. Flush with Oscar success though, will he really go back to that well? Somehow I doubt it.

For me, this is something of a personal nightmare, since I'm the president and charter member of the I Hate Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Club (IHCTHD). We'd better start printing more t-shirts, to combat this new menace.