If you were one of the people that hoped and prayed that the remake of Alex Proyas' The Crow would slowly fall apart, I have some really awesome news for you. While it began back in August when Bradley Cooper decided to bail on the project to go work with Proyas on Paradise Lost (a fun bit of irony) now it seems as though the project has lost its director as well.

Twitch reports that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who has been attached to the project since April, has decided to drop The Crow from his upcoming slate. The news comes just a couple weeks after it was announced that the Spanish director has been hired by Summit Entertainment to direct the remake of Highlander. Should the story be true, this will be the second time that the high-profile project has lost its leader. Blade director Stephen Norrington was originally attached to direct the film, but ended up leaving when a star was hired and demanded that the script be completely changed. Just because the project is now without a star or filmmaker, however, that doesn't mean it's dead in the water. The site says that F. Javier Gutierrez, who directed the 2008 Spanish film Before The Fall, is being considered as the new director.

While I'm still not big on the idea of remaking The Crow, it's still a bummer that Fresnadillo won't be the guy bringing it back. I remain a fan of 28 Weeks Later - a film that is better than it has any right to be - and the trailers for his most recent movie, Intruders, look effectively creepy. Whether it's Gutierrez or someone else entirely, it will be interesting to see who will pick up this project next.

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