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With the recently revealed slate that Warner Bros and DC are aiming to fill between now and 2020, there are certainly a fair share of winners and losers to be had. For every sure thing finally confirmed (Jason Momoa IS Aquaman,) there was most certainly a surprise at hand (the Flash/Green Lantern team up is no more.) When all was said and done, it was clear that there were winners and losers in today's DC Comics press conference, and here's our picks for who wound up on what side of the fence.

Wonder Woman
Winner: Wonder Woman
The fans have asked and asked and asked for a Wonder Woman movie, and while it's been long rumored for a 2017 slot, there was finally a confirmation today! With Gal Gadot in the role, and some choice source material being run in the comics at the moment, the first standalone female franchise will rise on DC's careful watch. Marvel Studios, you're now officially on notice!
Loser: Suicide Squad
While the concept of the Suicide Squad is a great idea, it really sucks that the film is being put into production this early in the DC game. Considering how much lead time Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice has before it's release date in the same year as Suicide Squad is aiming for, it looks like these badasses are getting short changed. Here's hoping that the reason this is happening so fast is because they've discovered some undiscovered draft from Quentin Tarantino's video store clerk days.
Winners: Fans of Jason Momoa
Another long talked about, but finally confirmed rumor for the DC Cinematic Continuum is that of Jason Momoa's official (and we mean it this time) announcement as Aquaman's leading man. Hair color aside, the Game Of Thrones veteran can now rest easy, as no one will be asking him if he's playing Aquaman. Now all of the questions will be focused squarely on what's going on, now that he's playing Aquaman.
Losers: Fans of DC TV
DC went on record as being against a unified universe between their television and film properties, and today they've shown that they're not lying. More specifically, the studio has cast The Perks Of Being A Wallflower star Ezra Miller as The Flash for the 2018 feature film. There's been no mention of a Green Arrow movie, but Stephen Amell fans should prepare themselves accordingly.
Winner: Cyborg
Up until this point, Cyborg has only really been exposed to the masses as a member of the Teen Titans team, despite the fact that the New 52 universe has Cyborg on the Justice League team. Yet this morning, the bombshell was dropped that Cyborg is in fact on the Warner Bros roster of films between now and 2020. If Cyborg succeeds and Titans hits it big for TNT, maybe we'll get a Nightwing flick in theaters after all!
Loser: Green Lantern
It will have been nine years since Green Lantern was last in cinemas by time the new reboot is in theaters, and yet it doesn't seem like it'll be long enough for the public to truly forget the epic bungle that was the 2011 Ryan Reynolds vehicle. It's a shame that he'll more than likely be replaced for the role, as his performance as Hal Jordan was pretty decent. Also by this time, Nathan Fillion will probably be unavailable for the role, which makes us wonder – what's the point of a Green Lantern movie without those two in the running?

Jason Momoa on Aquaman, Justice League and His New DC Suit

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