For those of you who’ve been wondering how James Bond's latest outing ended up with such an awful title, we have an answer. Daniel Craig picked it because he’s afraid of death.

Quantum of Solace is of course, not only the name of the new Bond movie, but also the name of the novel on which it’s based. I say that’s no excuse. It’s still awful, and apparently they only went with it after Daniel Craig rejected alternative titles pitched by producers in a brainstorming session. Craig recently told GQ Magazine via ShowBizSpy, “I was involved in making the decision. Names were coming out, some ludicrous stuff was going back and forth - I can't remember exactly, but you know the sort of thing: The Blood On Your Face."

Dude, give me The Blood on Your Face! At least I know what that means. Quantum of Solace is just a jumble of randomly selected words. But Craig says, “I knew I didn't want 'death', 'die', 'bleed' or any of those things in the title.” Apparently Craig thought Quantum of Solace would be ok, because the titles of Bond movies are pointless anyway. He says, The name of a Bond film is not about anything. Live And Let Die? Octopussy? What does it mean? It means very little.” Yeah! Goldfinger? What’s that about? Oh wait…

Look, maybe some of those other titles don’t actually mean anything in the context of the film. But at least they sound cool when you say them, and they form a coherent thought. When I say “Live and Let Die”, it forms a definite image in my mind. Quantum of Solace says nothing, except that somebody, somewhere, owns a really nice dictionary. Thanks Daniel Craig, for giving us the worst Bond title in history. Yes, even worse than Octopussy. At least that sounds vaguely naughty.

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