While the trailers make The Woman in Black look absolutely terrifying and the scares should sell themselves, the truth is that the film's best marketing tool is Daniel Radcliffe. While the cast also includes great actors like Ciaran Hinds, Shaun Dooley and Janet McTeer, only one of them spent the last decade of their life playing Harry Potter, and while this movie might be drastically different than those, there are plenty of people out there who just want to see Radcliffe do anything. As a result, the newly released poster for The Woman in Black is kind of strange.

Posted over on the film's official Facebook page, the new one-sheet features Radcliffe's name, but his physical form is totally absent. What's interesting is that this isn't the first poster to use this strategy, as the first one didn't feature Radcliffe either. Check out the new artwork below.

In The Woman in Black, Radcliffe plays a young lawyer named Arthur Kipps who is sent by his employer to a strange, remote village. What he doesn't know, however, is that the town is haunted by a vengeful ghost, and he's about to step right into the hornet's nest. The film, directed by James Watkins, is set to be released on February 3rd, and for more info about it you can head over to our Blend Film Database.

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