Dark City Special Edition And Sequel

There are a lot of reasons to love the hell out of Alex Proyas, but the best is Dark City, easily one of the best Science Fiction films ever made. It's been eight years since DC hit theaters, but interest in the cult film hasn't died. The busy Blos over at JoBlo have dug up some exciting news from a message board on Alex Proyas' official site Mystery Clock.

There, Proyas volunteered information that there's the possibility of a Dark City sequel depending on how well the upcoming Special Edition DVD does. Wait… a Special Edition DVD? Yep. But there won't be much of a budget for either a new movie or sprucing up the old one. "DC was hardly a smash hit at the box office so it is unlikely, if a sequel was made, they'd give me a huge budget to work with," says Proyas. But then he goes on to drop the big bomb: "So don't worry too much about that! I am more and more interested in the idea of a sequel, and who knows, after the special edition comes out, with everyone's support behind it, a sequel... maybe who knows... but I've already said too much."

A Special Edition DVD is a fantastic idea for the film. The only DVD currently available is a pretty outdated disc, worth having for the movie and Roger Ebert's great commentary, but not exactly up to date with all the latest in whiz bang documentaries and special features a cult classic like this deserves.

Bring on a better DVD, but does Dark City really need a sequel? It's a brilliant film, one of my absolute favorite movies. It's also perfect just the way it is. I don't need the continuing adventures of John Murdock to make it complete, in fact that might only water down the original. Yet if Proyas is interested in doing it, you've got to trust that he has something really special in mind for a followup. If he can get it made, it's worth giving a chance.

Josh Tyler