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Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt made a big splash at the MTV Movie Awards last night when they showed up present new footage from The Dark Knight Rises, effectively overshadowing every other movie promoting itself at the awards. You can watch that footage here, along with our commentary, but suffice it to say it got us all the more excited for the latest Batman epic. And now we're learning that while we get excited to actually see it come July 20, we probably ought to carefully schedule some bathroom breaks too. Collider has found a listing for AMC Theatres that says The Dark Knight Rises will run a bladder-busting two hours and 45 minutes long.

That's a solid ten minutes longer than The Dark Knight, and 25 longer than Batman Begins, which will probably please anyone who's been hoping that the franchise would only get bigger and more epic as it went along. It's also a good bit longer than The Avengers, the latest superhero movie to overcome the challenges of a long running time to bring in huge box office. Of course, James Cameron movies like Avatar and Titanic have proven over and over again that a long run time is no challenge at all when people want to see the movie badly enough, but theater owners can only program so many showings of a movie in a day, and that extra 20 minutes on The Dark Knight Rises can add up.

AMC's reveal of the run time can along with their announcement of ticket sales for The Dark Knight Marathon, which offers fans a chance to catch up on the entire Batman trilogy before seeing The Dark Knight Rises at 12:01 am on July 20. That won't be quite as epic as the pre-Avengers Marvel marathon, but the long run time of all the Nolan Batman movies means you'd better find a comfortable seat.

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