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Production on The Dark Knight Rises has moved in the last week to New York City, the city that loves Batman so much it nicknames itself Gotham. And while we still don't know exactly what Bat and company are doing while shooting in the Wall Street area-- beyond giving Joseph Gordon-Levitt a good excuse to bust out his best Mark Wahlberg impression-- new set video makes it look like they're shooting a fight scene that's a continuation of the battle we saw in Pittsburgh.

First check out this video, captured on Wall Street by Twitter user @JustonPayne. It lasts about 30 seconds and provides a lot of cops vs. thugs mayhem.

Now think back to last August, when The Dark Knight Rises was shooting in Pittsburgh and we saw videos like this one of a very similar looking fight scene, with tons of people whaling on each other in an official looking setting. Wouldn't it make sense for this Wall Street shoot to just be a continuation of that fight? I admit, I have no idea how changing cities in the middle of action would make sense, but Gotham as imagined by Christopher Nolan has always been an undefinable city even when they were shooting in Chicago; the location-jumping they're doing this time around I imagine will go even further toward making it look like an amalgamation of many American cities. Maybe the fight scene is when they show off so many different places that they drive it all home.

Anyway, you're welcome to add your own speculation to this in the comments. Given how many months The Dark Knight Rises has been shooting out in the public eye, and how little we still know about the plot, I wouldn't expect to learn much more plot-wise until much much later. That's why we get to do all the fun guessing in the meantime!

The Dark Knight Rises, as if you could possibly forget, opens July 20 next year. For everything else we know about it so far-- which isn't much!-- visit our Blend Film Database.

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