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Sure, technically we still don't know a whole lot about the plot of The Dark Knight Rises, beyond the fact that it involves Batman going toe to toe with the ruthless Bane, that Catwoman gets involved somehow, and that of course it's all with the backdrop of Gotham City (played by Pittsburgh this time). But man, is there ever an endless series of TV spots that try to fill in all the gaps. The latest one features a new, very easy to understand line from Bane, along with Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox showing off the hovercraft version of the Batmobile that he proudly calls "The Bat." Take a look below.

With the NBA Finals airing on TV right now, it's prime time to reach out to the sports-loving audiences that will probably also seek a thrill from the new Batman movie, which is why you can imagine this spot leans heavily on technology and some jokes ("Next we'll be tracking down overdue library books") and not so much Bruce Wayne's tortured soul or Bane's genuine evil. There's still time to show off plenty of that too, but like a lot of you, I think I'm ready to just go into a bunker and enter radio silence until the movie finally opens. We've done such a good job of knowing very little about the plot so far-- why ruin it now??

Rest assured, Christopher Nolan will be very sure not to reveal too much between now and then, no matter how many TV spots emerge. It's just up to you if you choose to watch them. Luckily none of us have much longer to wait-- The Dark Knight Rises finally, finally comes to theaters on July 20.