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You’ll have a hard time finding a bigger fan of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy than me. I don’t have Heath Ledger’s face tattooed on my body or anything - because I’m not a complete moron - but I find it to be one of the most exciting and well executed trilogies in popular cinema, if not all of cinema. (And I realize some of you may still call me a moron for saying that.) But while I think The Dark Knight works extremely well as a stand-alone film, neither Batman Begins nor The Dark Knight Rises do, and they need to be viewed within the context of the whole trilogy in order to sustain their achievements. Which makes me repeatedly ask aloud to no one in general, “Where the hell is that Collector’s Edition that was announced so many months ago?” (Since, you know, taking out three separate Blu-ray cases is such hard work and all.)

Well we may have gotten our first look at the set, if the above photo is in fact a legitimate piece of promotional material. It was posted by the Polish Batman site (via Batman-On-Film), which took some of its information from a pre-order post on the French Amazon site. So it’s not as if these are rumors being concocted by Internet trolls who want to want me to get excited for nothing. The French box set is pictured below, featuring the familiar Blu-ray box stripe that is noticeably absent from the all-black set shown above.


As described, the set will consist of all three films obviously, and each comes with two Blu-rays and a DVD version. Sadly, there’s no description of what’s included on the discs, and we’re left still hoping that Nolan decides to add commentary tracks to the films, which would make this set a necessity to everyone. (Yeah, everyone.) The non-disc items would include a behind-the-scenes book, three prints of the films’ central villains, a poster and three toy models of each of Batman’s vehicles, including the Tumbler, the Batpod and the Bat. Check them out in the photo below.


The top picture does contain a couple of promo card looking objects that aren’t mentioned in the description, but they don’t look to be extraordinarily different or impressive, so we’ll just call them promo cards for now.

Amazingly, the French Amazon site even has a release date of October 2, 2013, with a price set at €89.99. That’s just over three months away, so we’re right around the magic window for Warner Bros. to begin promoting the set, if this is in fact the one that they’ll be putting out.

Let’s all hope everything stated above is the truth and that this story ends better than Dark Knight Rises. See, even a fanboy can say things like that.

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