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Deadpool Wants T.J. Miller, Probably To Play This Comic Book Character

For years, Ryan Reynolds has been the only actor mentioned in connection with director Tim Miller's upcoming Deadpool movie, but that all changes today. The production has begun casting its net out looking for key supporting players to star in the the comic book film, and thus far it looks like T.J. Miller and Transporter Legacy star Ed Skrein may be the first two who are reeled in for significant parts.

This news comes to us from The Wrap, which says that offers are out to Miller and Skrien and that talks are happening, but confirms that nothing is 100% official yet. The site's sources also don't have much in the way of character information, outside of describing Miller as "an additional comic voice to compliment Deadpool" and Skrien as possibly "the film’s villain." That being said, there are some roles from the comics that one could see these two actors playing, and while I'm not as confident about Ed Skrein, I think it's a fair bet that T.J. Miller will wind up playing Weasel:

T.J. Miller Weasel Deadpool

For those of you who aren't up on your Marvel reading, Weasel is Deadpool's friend, sidekick, and arms dealer, providing the anti-hero with weapons and information that he needs in order to carry out his duties as a mercenary-for-hire. While the two men are generally on good terms, though, the fact that Deadpool is completely insane often causes issues in their friendship. Those who have seen T.J. Miller's work on the amazing HBO comedy series Silicon Valley know that he can play idiot genius rather well - a skill that gels perfectly with the Weasel character - and it's not hard to imagine that he would have some pretty fantastic chemistry with Ryan Reynolds.

Ed Skrein being identified as potentially playing Deadpool's central villain helps narrow down choices - but not by a great deal. One possible option is Dr. Emrys Killebrew, who was the mad scientist who experimented on the mutant Wade Wilson and wound up turning him into the demented red and black-suited psycho we all know and love. Another strong possibility - and perhaps much more likely is that he could wind up playing T-Ray - a mercenary even more psychotically violent than Deadpool who uses sorcery and hates the Merc With A Mouth's guts:

Ed Skrein T-Ray Deadpool

What do you think about T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein possibly joining Deadpool, and what roles do you think they'll play? Do you think our guesses are on point? Tell us what you think in the comments below, and look for the film to start production this year on the road to its February 12, 2016 release date.

Eric Eisenberg
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