Production on Captain America: Civil War continues in Atlanta, Georgia, as more and more actors head to the set to get in on the action. We saw the likes of Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, Frank Grillo, Anthony Mackie and Paul Rudd through leaked photos. But while all the action was being filmed, could something equally exciting have been happening with Robert Downey Jr?

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While the Iron Man actor appeared on the set of Civil War out of costume, he also posted a photo to Instagram a couple days ago -- Saturday, to be specific -- informing fans he was on route to the set. The day he posted it happened to coincide with the announcement that Marvel set up screen tests with a handful of young actors hoping to become the next Spider-Man. Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game), Tom Holland (The Impossible), Judah Lewis (The Demolition), Matthew Lintz (Pixels), Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire) and Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society) were all said to have tested for the part. Could some of these tests have involved RDJ?

At the time of the report, The Hollywood Reporter stated that the only ones present for the Spider-Man screen tests on Saturday were Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, former Sony head and current Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal, and Civil War and Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo. It's just as likely that Robert Downey Jr. was heading to the Atlanta set to film alternate scenes for the film. But if the rumors about the connection between Iron Man and Spider-Man are true, then there could be something to the timing of these events.

To be clear, this is just something fun to debate amongst your fellow comic-book movie aficionados. Still, coincidences like this don't usually happen when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to a recent report, Iron Man and Spider-Man are said to have a connection in the MCU, which is bolstered by the fact that the web-slinger takes Iron Man's side in the Civil War comics. A report from a couple months back, which is just a rumor at this point, states that Tony Stark will also appear in the solo Spider-Man movie coming down the line, and the film is said to feature a battle between these two heroes as a means of testing whether Spidey is up to snuff to join the Avengers. If that ends up being true, then it would make sense for the actor to fly in to test his chemistry with the short list of Spider-Man hopefuls.

Though it hasn't been formally announced, the new Spider-Man is presumed to appear in Civil War. When Sony and Marvel made the announcement of their joint venture, the studios stated that the character would debut in a current Marvel movie before leading his own solo outing. Since the Spider-Man movie is coming in 2017, Civil War makes the most sense. Plus, we know that the Russos were present for the screen tests. Coincidence? Like we said, there are no coincidences in the MCU.

A decision on who will succeed Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reportedly will be made early this week. So keep your ears perked up for any updates.
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