Discuss The Amazing Spider-Man 2 With Spoilers And Rate It

Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finally opened in U.S. theaters on Thursday night after proving to be a draw overseas. The film pulled in an estimated $8.9 million on Thursday night, and is targeting a $95-100 million opening weekend tally.

But this thread is WIDE open to discussion. You checked out Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Some loved it! Some despised it. We’re giving you an open forum to discuss the movie with the freedom of spoilers!

If you haven’t seen Spidey’s sequel yet, run! This page is LOADED WITH SPOILERS. The rest of you can spend the weekend raving (or ranting) about our newest Spider-Man movie. And participate in our poll below, telling us how you thought The Amazing Spider-Man 2 turned out.

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And for our full, dual review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, watch this week’s episode of Hero Blend here:

Sean O'Connell
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