The Disgusting Thing Deadpool Villain Ed Skrein Let A Stuntman Do To Him During A Fight Scene

Much like with Las Vegas, what happens on a film set stays on a film set. Actors, directors, screenwriters, producers and crew go to great lengths to nail the perfect shot, bringing you finished films that you can enjoy weekend after weekend. Sometimes, though, a chatty actor gives us a glance at what it’s like to make the "sausage," so to speak, and these reveals aren’t always pleasant.

Deadpool, by all standards, was a smashing success. It’s the highest-grossing domestic release of the year (so far), and has performed above all expectations overseas. But the making of Deadpool came with gross consequences. Ed Skrein, who plays chief villain Ajax in the movie, recalled a moment during a crucial fight scene where a stuntman stuck his finger in Skrein’s mouth. As the actor told EW, it was "disgusting," elaborating:

Adrian Hein, who was one of Ryan Reynolds’ doubles, had me in an arm lock. He said, ‘Dude, I’m going to put my finger in your mouth.’ … It was disgusting. We did it once, and it made the movie. Adrian, if you’re watching, I’m never going to let you put your finger in my mouth ever again.

I mean, it could have been worse, right? Fingers can wind up in much dirtier places than a mouth. But as EW notes, Hein’s hands weren’t exactly sanitary. Film sets can be grimy, grungy places. Especially, if this was during the final fight scene between Ajax (Ed Skrein) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), then it took place on that collapsing Hellicarrier (that isn’t supposed to be a Hellicarrier…. Shhhhhhh, no one tell Marvel!) That set looked filthy. Soap and water, anyone?

You can see a few shots from that scene in this clip:

Ed Skrein was telling this story as part of Entertainment Weekly’s "Greatest Story Ever Told" series, and while I’m not quite sure that it meets the standard, it’s still a pretty entertaining, gross and go-for-broke tale from the front lines of a Hollywood blockbuster. Good for Hein for suggesting it. Good for Deadpool director Tim Miller for allowing it. And good for Ed Skrein for sharing the story as he continues to get us excited for the DVD release of Deadpool in May. Listen to Skrein tell the story:

Deadpool will be on home video in a few weeks. Later this year, Ryan Reynolds is expected to start filming Deadpool 2. Put in your mouth guards, and hide your fingers.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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