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Disney Borrows From Madagascar

There's only one word I can think of to describe Disney's new movie The Wild… and that's despicable. This movie makes Shark Tale look original. It was bad enough when they sort of kind of took Finding Nemo's premise of CGI fish and turned it into a bad comedy starring Will Smith in which fish inexplicably used underwater elevators, but this is worse. Much worse.

The Wild is a blatant ripoff of Madagascar right down to its core, and the new trailer for the film does absolutely nothing to hide it. Zoo animals living in a New York Zoo who come to life when the crowds leave? Check. Mission into the city to find one of their missing friends? Check. Cowardly Lion? Check. Awkward Giraffe? Check. Crazy scenes involving an animal hi-jacked Ocean liner? Triple Check. There's not an original moment or thought in the entire trailer. The only thing that makes this movie even slightly different from Madagascar is that they have a Koala.

Shame on you Disney, shame on you. This is despicable. There has to be a lawsuit for DreamWorks Animation in here somewhere. You've lifted the entire plot of their movie, and slapped a Disney label on it. What a crock.

To see Disney begin their blatant theft of other more successful animation studios, click here and watch the Mad.. er… The Wild trailer.

Disney has also graciously sent us the first two pics from their film, though after the above editorial on the crappiness of it they'll possibly be the last. Come on Disney, at least try to win me over! To see the first two stills from The Wild, visit the photo gallery in our preview database

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