Disney's Live-Action Beauty and The Beast Is Releasing Its First Trailer Very Soon, Get The Details

Disney has a new tried and true method of releasing films, while also pandering to the nostalgia heavy climate of Hollywood. Namely, to produce live-action version of classic Disney movies. While this has been done with varying level of critical success, the live-action adaptations have been really raking in the cash for the House of Mouse. The most recent venture into this genre, The Jungle Book, has done extremely well both critically and financially, and there is yet another live-action adaptation just over the horizon. That would be Beauty and The Beast, starring the incomparable Emma Watson.

While we know about the film's all-star cast and release date, we haven't actually seen any footage or images from Beauty and the Beast. Luckily for us, Disney seems to have heard our cries and will give us a sneak peek into the new adaptation extremely soon: tomorrow.

This news came to us from Beauty and The Beast’s official facebook page, which made the announcement with a short, but exciting video. Check it out below.


Not exactly mind-blowing, but seeing the announcement rather than just reading a press release makes it more exciting. We’ll be getting the first trailer and footage from Beauty and the Beast during tomorrow’s Good Morning America, on ABC.

Beauty and the Beast is being billed as a live-action musical romantic fantasy film. Rather than cutting out the music, which Disney did with adaptations like Maleficent and (mostly) Cinderella, it appears we’ll be getting the musical numbers which made the original film an Academy Award winner, and helped it transfer to an extensive Broadway run.  

The cast for Beauty and the Beast is certainly musically inclined. To start, the cast includes Broadway veterans Audra McDonald, Kevin Kline, and Josh Gad. Additionally, there are also accomplished vocalists like Ewan McGregor who belted his heart out in Moulin Rouge!, as well as Emma Thompson, who recently did Sweeney Todd at the New York Philharmonic. Plus they’ve got Stanley Tucci and Ian McKellen who can basically do no wrong.

Of course, Emma Watson’s singing abilities are one of the bigger question marks in the movie. Putting that aside, it seems like Watson is the perfect modern Belle. Much like her signature character Hermione, Belle finds herself lost in books, and she’s one of the more feminist Disney Princesses in history. 

Are you excited to finally see a Beauty and the Beast trailer tomorrow? Sound off in the comments section below. Good Morning America airs 7-9AM Monday through Friday on ABC.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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