Robin Roberts Makes A Triumphant Return To Good Morning America

Earlier this month, Good Morning America announced that Robin Roberts was on the mend and would be returning to the hit early morning show on February 20. Even with a concrete date, it didn’t seem certain that Roberts would be feeling well enough to be up to returning to the program this month, but the woman has plenty of determination and did return to the program for today’s episode.

Roberts opened the show on Wednesday morning with co-anchor Josh Elliott, stating, “Hi, it’s Robin and I have been waiting 174 days to say this: Good morning America. If you missed her big comeback, ABC News has put together a video following Roberts’ triumphant return, as well as some of the trials she went through during the treatment for her rare blood disease.

Robins is back on an “abbreviated schedule” into the foreseeable future, but from the looks of things, she seems to already have a pretty packed schedule. She’s set to interview Michelle Obama on Friday and will even be taking on Oscar coverage over the weekend. I can image the waiting game has been antsy for the news anchor and there’s no better way to get invested than to get involved with the biggest movie weekend of the year.

Congratulations to Roberts on her continued recovery and her big return!

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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