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Quell your excitement, 90s nerds. According to Disney, this live-action exploration into the world of those stony skyscraper protectors, Gargoyles, will have nothing to do with the super awesome 90s cartoon they produced of the same name. Of course, the story is described as following statues on buildings coming to life who act as guardian angels over their city. So, yeah it’s pretty much the story from the Gargoyles cartoon.

Another solid reason to cool your nerd jets is that scribes David Elliot and Paul Lovett are at the pen putting this one together. They have written some decent flicks in the past, The Watcher and Marky Mark vehicle Four Brothers, but their most recent claim to fame is the abomination that was G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. If I need to tell you why having these two writers on board is a bad thing, you’re a lucky son of a bitch. It’s entirely possible that the duo will strive here with a Disney story of their own concoction, but I'd keep my expectations low.

Also on board according to Variety is Lauren Schuler Donner who will be stepping in to the role of producer as development kicks into high gear. Donner has shepherded every X-Men film to date, including the bad ones, and is currently scheduled to work on Deadpool, should that movie ever get on its feet.

“A live-action movie about gargoyles” is a short pitch that can get a lot of people excited. Let’s hope that under the veteran wing of Donner, the writing duo can redeem themselves and produce a cool, not-too-childish flick. More details as they come to us.