Divergent Character Posters Show Off Jai Courtney And Zoe Kravitz's Tattoos


Going by the collage of poster pieces the Divergent movie teased, I think the two most recent posters may be the last of the bunch. Summit’s promotional efforts for the feature adaptation of Veronica Roth’s popular young adult series have included these dramatic character posters, which showcase the tattoos of some of the lead and supporting roles in this story. That includes the one above, which offers us a ticket to Jai Courtney’s gun show (Varro flashback!) while simultaneously showcasing his character Eric's elaborate arm tattoos.

Eric’s tattoo

Looks like hints of a chain link fence — possibly representing the fence that surrounds the city — some kind of maze and maybe the fiery Dauntless faction symbol.

The story is set in dystopian Chicago where society is broken up into five factions, which determines a person’s way of life. The Dauntless faction is known for its toughness, and tattoos are pretty common among its people. Eric (Courtney) isn’t one of the friendliest characters of the bunch, serving as one of the Dauntless leaders who’s overseeing the training of the faction’s newest initiates, which includes lead character Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Christina (Zoe Kravitz), who can be seen in the poster below:

Christina poster

While Tris is from Abnegation, the faction best known for its selflessness and generosity, Christina is originally from Candid, the faction known for its blunt and honest members. To say Christina speaks her mind is putting it mildly. Eric has piercings, Christina has opinions.

I’m not sure what’s going on with her tattoo, but it’s pretty cool looking.

Christina tattoo

If you haven’t seen them, check out the other previously released posters below:

Tris poster

Four poster

Tori poster

Max poster

Divergent arrives in theaters March 21, 2014.

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