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Do Fast & Furious Stars Still Look Cool In Kiddie Cars?

Vin Diesel

So far, in a head-to-head box office comparison, Fast & Furious 6 isn’t moving quite as successfully as Fast Five. As BoxOfficeMojo points out, after six days, the latest chapter is about $70 million behind its immediate predecessor … still impressive, but losing a little bit of steam. Perhaps it’s time for the franchise to start thinking about an overhaul, and NextMovie has an idea. Kiddie Cars.

Paul Walker

Dwayne Johnson

The Photoshops are pretty damn funny, with the stars of the franchise added to the plastic kid cars we all stared practicing on when we were children. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson firing a gun over the smiley face of the Little Tike car is mildly disturbing. But Paul Walker seems to fit right in with the concept. I think that he could carry his own Little Tikes spinoff movie. Hey, if Vin Diesel can do The Pacifier, then anything is possible.

Not that the producers of the Fast series need ideas. As you might have already heard, they are moving ahead almost immediately in a seventh Fast film, which will be in theaters next July. Insidious director James Wan is taking over for Justin Lin, with rumored filming locations to include Tokyo (DRIFT!!!!), Los Angeles and the Middle East.

And then, maybe for part eight, we can get these road warriors in the kiddie cars, and see who still looks like a bad ass.

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