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The Doctor Strange Lead Might Go To A Boardwalk Empire Actor

If you’re looking for a list of talented leading actors, you may as well start with the men rumored to play Doctor Strange. From Jon Hamm to Joaquin Phoenix to Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s a Murderer’s Row of thespian greatness, and now, we can add one more, though far less famous, name to the pile: Jack Huston.

Who? You know, Jack Huston. The guy on Boardwalk Empire with half of a face…

Right. That guy. Well, in real life, he’s extremely handsome, and his profile is on the rise. He nabbed a supporting role in American Hustle, the Kerouac part in Kill Your Darlings and the Mr. Wickham role in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. In short, Hollywood is quietly buzzing about his potential as a leading man, and this could be the exact vehicle that explodes him into the mainstream.

The information comes courtesy of This Is Infamous. With no one else confirming any part of it, however, it should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s a possibility he’s not really in contention, but since no one really knows what the hell Marvel is doing behind the scenes, let’s entertain it for a minute, because it makes some weird sense.

Marvel has long been excited about casting actors who are on the rise. Sure, they employ Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson, but only one of those people has actually been the full-fledged star of a Marvel movie. As a group, they’ve gravitated toward people like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Paul Rudd. In short, they like people with a lot of charisma who aren’t necessarily A-list performers with experience opening their own movies.

So, on that note, Jack Huston actually fits quite well. He’s got a ton of natural talent, and he’s got the type of face that could go on billboards. He’s full-blown handsome, and he’s got a little bit of weird mystery to him, which Doctor Strange needs. He’s not super zany, however, though so Marvel’s movie version of the Doctor would need to be a certain kind of, well, strange, one that’s not quite so full of energy. Plus, he allegedly almost nabbed the Star-Lord role before Marvel settled on Chris Pratt.

God only knows when we’ll get some official Doctor Strange news. Until then, feel free to keep speculating away. Just don’t be surprised if the studio circles back around to Jack Huston.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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