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Dominic Cooper And Karoline Herfurth Sign On For Brian De Palma's Passion

There are no really good male roles in Alain Corneau's 2010 French thriller Love Crime. While Kristen Scott Thomas' character does a boyfriend, played by Patrick Mille, that she uses to manipulate the young protagonist (Ludivine Sagnier), but the real heart of the story lies in the conflict between the hero and the villain. Hence why it's such a shame that a talented actor like Dominic Cooper has signed on to Brian De Palma's remake.

MediaBiz (via The Playlist) has learned that Cooper and Karoline Herfurth have both signed on for unspecified roles in the DePalma movie, which has been titled Passion. The film is already set to star Rachel McAdams (in the Sagnier part) and Noomi Rapace (who takes over for Scott Thomas). While the remake will change the story a bit, the original Corneau film is about a woman who is set up by her boss and begins to plot her revenge. While Herfurth is largely known for her work in her home country, Germany, she has previously worked in America, most recently in the Oscar-winning Stephen Daldry film The Reader. Passion marks the comeback for De Palma, who hasn't made a feature film since 2007's Redacted.

Last year Cooper proved that he has serious acting chops, most notably with his performance in The Devil's Double (which isn't a great film, but worth watching for Cooper's dual-turn alone), so I really hope that De Palma has beefed up the role that the actor will be playing in the movie. Cooper will next be seen playing Henry Sturgess in Timur Bekmambetov's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Eric Eisenberg
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