Doom Patrol Launched At Hollywood

The modest box office takes of Superman Returns and Batman Begins haven’t been enough to slow down DC’s latest foray into the superhero movie business. They’re adding on another film franchise by bringing their superhero team Doom Patrol to theaters, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Originally created in 1963, the Doom Patrol was a group of super powered misfits brought together by a guy in a wheel chair. You might think DC was trying to rip off Marvel’s “Uncanny X-Men”, but the two comics debuted the same year. Doom Patrol team members include a paraplegic genius named the Chief; a stretchy woman named Elasti-girl; a bandaged guy with the power to release a silhouette of himself (lame power alert) named Negative Man; and Robotman, whose name is fairly self-explanatory.

Their villains weren’t much more creative. They fought an intelligent gorilla and a shape shifter named Madame Rouge. Really brilliant stuff.

DC describes the comic as being on the “edgier fringe” of its titles, which probably means they don’t sell many copies. The series has however had devoted fan support, managing to endure despite only niche popularity.

DC has partnered up with Warner Bros. again to produce the Doom Patrol movie, and they’ve hired Adam Turner to adapt a script. For DP fans the good news is that Turner is an experienced screenwriter. The bad news is that he’s experienced writing bad Stallone movies and unwatched Sci-Fi channel movies. He’s credited with the script for Drive and the made for television movie Area 52. It’s kind of like Area 51 only it’s the next warehouse over. Sort of like an alien hunting version of Life of Brian.

Josh Tyler