DreamWorks Animation Exploring The Dark Side Of Imaginary Friends

Though they're responsible for driving the Shrek franchise into the ground and greenlighting the probably unnecessary Kung Fu Panda sequel, DreamWorks Animation has also done well with original stories-- last year's Monsters vs. Aliens was a delight, and Kung Fu Panda may be the most elegant take on the Joseph Campbell hero's journey myth since Star Wars. The studio has now picked the next original idea to toss into the hopper, and it's Imaginary Enemies, which THR reports will be written by the married team of Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario. Shrek Forever After director Mike Mitchelle is developing the script with them, but he's not directing at this point

The original idea is pretty much as simple as can be-- what if imaginary friends got sick of being blamed for everything kids did wrong, and decided to take revenge on the children who invented them? Don't get too freaked out about the prospect of violence against children, since the imaginary enemies will be taking their revenge once the kids are grown up-- but if they don't use this chance to execute some serious Looney Tunes level violence, I know we're all going to be disappointed.

And speaking of Looney Tunes, they're apparently looking into making the film as a live-action/animation hybrid, a technique that thankfully has become a lot more successful since the dark days of Space Jam. There still remains the problem that no one has ever done the technique as well as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? back in 1989, but a promising original idea like Imaginary Enemies may just have the power to break the curse. That is, provided they don't shove the whole thing aside in favor of making Shrek 5 instead. Go with your better angels on this one, DreamWorks.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend