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While certainly an upgrade talent wise, it was a strange franchise decision when it was reported that Dwayne Johnson would be replacing Brendan Fraser as the adult lead in the Journey franchise that began with Journey To The Center of the Earth. While I've discussed this before, the title of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island had a lot of people confused simply because it was hard to tell that the movie was actually a sequel to the Fraser starring one and a big part of that was the switching of the male lead. The studio won't be making that mistake again for Journey 3.

According to The Wrap, Johnson is now in talks to return for the next sequel in the franchise. While the project doesn't yet have a title, the end of the second film suggested that the Jules Verne novel they will be tackling next is From the Earth to the Moon, meaning that The Rock could be heading into orbit. In Journey 2, Johnson played Hank, an ex-Navy man who is the new step-father to Sean Anderson, the character played in both previous films by Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson. In its opening weekend Journey 2 brought in $27 million in the number three spot and has since gone on to make $272 million internationally ($185 million of that coming from international audiences). Screenwriters Brian and Mark Gunn have already come on-board to write the sequel and Brad Peyton will return as director.

Much like the Resident Evil and Madagascar franchises, it looks like Journey is going to be one of those series where it will have some appeal in the states but be a monster internationally. I guess that's just the nature of the business now and Dwayne Johnson is taking advantage.

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