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You’d think if any 80s prime-time soap opera was going to make the transition to feature films, it’d be Dallas. That project, though long sought after, has never really turned into anything concrete. Instead it looks like it may be Dynasty which makes the jump from 80s soap to feature film.

The show’s creators Richard and Esther Shapiro have spoken out about their plans to make the silver screen move. In an announcement sent out today they say, “We’re taking the Dynasty family to places they’ve never been before.” To that end a script is reportedly in development, and though no studio is currently attached the Shapiros seem to think it could go into production next year.

Fans of the show, however, will be happy to know that if the feature film does happen they’ll stick with the established storylines. Instead of changing how it all ends, they plan to go back and add more to the path the show took to get there. The Shapiros explain, “It’s fun, because the fans of the show will know from the series where each of the characters end up, eventually, but what they won’t know is how they get there. There will be some very unlikely twists and situations, and people will not be expecting a lot of what we’re planning. We’re going to do a lot of coloring outside the lines...[t]he movie will be the old Dynasty, of course, but with horns.”

The original Aaron Spelling produced prime time soap opera debuted in 1981 and ran through 1989 in ABC prime time. The series revolved around a scheming, wealthy oil family named the Carringtons and it’s probably the only reason you still remember the name of Joan Collins.

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