There have been hints for a while now that Ant-Man, the superhero project long, long in development from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, may finally be moving forward. Wright and his collaborator, Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, turned in a draft of the script sometime last summer, and a few weeks ago Wright teased his twitter followers that looked a whole lot like a minimalist Ant Man poster… though where it came from, or what it meant, he left tantalizingly vague.

Now with Wright and Simon Pegg making actual, concrete plans to start production this summer on their new collaboration The World's End, it would seem to mean even more delays for Ant Man. Well, maybe not. Wright has confirmed with Slashfilm that it's very possible he'll be shooting Ant-Man this year-- though he won't promise much, and he seems superstitious about the whole thing anyway.

So as not to jinx things, I am going to remain spectacularly vague on this. Let’s just say I hope to shoot some Antman & World’s End this year.

So there you have it-- with it still totally unclear if the Marvel Studios machinery can get into gear to get Ant-Man going, Wright is hopeful it can happen, which likely means he knows something we don't. As exciting as all of this could be, I think I'll take a cue from Wright and temper my expectations a bit-- the last thing you want is to get pumped for this over Thor 2 and everything else and have it get delayed all over again.

While we're here, can we talk about punctuation? I've seen the hero's name written as Ant Man, Ant-Man and Antman (by Wright himself), so I have no idea what's correct anymore. Marvel geeks, please step in and help me sort this out.

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