Emily Blunt Will Try To Solve A Murder In Adaptation Of Rosamund Lupton's Sister

Female-fronted thrillers are almost always the same, aren’t they? The main character stumbles upon information that can get her in trouble (or killed), and she spends the entire movie on the run from a variety of threats. We’ll probably see this plotline come to life in some form for Studio Canal’s psychological thriller Sister, but here’s hoping it’ll be taken to the next level by Emily Blunt, who is attached for the starring role.

The film will be based on the acclaimed 2010 novel of the same name by author Rosamund Lupton, which was one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Month in 2011. Producer Kevin McCormick (Gangster Squad) is developing the project through his Langley Parks production banner. He is currently looking for a writer suitable to adapt the material, and so long as they don’t get anybody who wrote any of the James Patterson adaptations, I’ll probably be okay with whoever they get. I’m guessing Blunt’s early involvement is to draw directors in who have been impressed by the actress’ past work.

It does sound like a meaty role for Blunt, who will play a woman named Beatrice whose sister’s body is found in an abandoned building and ruled a suicide by police. Beatrice is not only positive that they’re wrong, but that that her sister was murdered. She begins an winding investigation into Tess’ final days, which involved a pharmaceutical drug trial, and the heroine becomes obsessed with finding the truth, no matter what the risk - which ends up being far greater than she could have possible imagined. It’s dark and suspenseful, but with a strong emotional hook into what sisterhood is all about.

There are two ways this could go, the story resulting in either a sharp, tense drama or a bigger-budget Lifetime Original. Both are equally optimal to me, as they both offer their own perks. I just can’t handle it being merely boring. No half-assing here - either all-ass it or don't even bother.

Blunt had a strong 2012, going for multi-genres with the time-skipping Looper, the rom-com The Five Year Engagement and the offbeat drama Arthur Newman. We can expect 2014 to be just as busy for her, as she joins Tom Cruise for the action-packed sci-fi Edge of Tomorrow and is teaming with director Rob Marshall for big screen adaptation of Steven Sondheim’s fairy tale musical Into the Woods. It’ll be nice to see Blunt lead a film again, and keep your fingers crossed that they get the right writer-director to make this a success.

Below you can find author Lupton talking about the novel with Richard and Judy’s Book Club.

Nick Venable
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