Empire Strikes Back Has A Shocking Number Of CinemaSins, See Them Now

The Empire Strikes Back is known widely as the most critically acclaimed Star Wars film of all time. While fans of the franchise adore Empire, it apparently isn’t as perfect as we’d like to think it was. CinemaSins recently broke down the movie, and drew attention to some of the flaws that fans might have glossed over:

As always, CinemaSins doesn’t fail to make me laugh, and also make me slightly aghast at all of the inaccuracies that are constant in big-budget movies. Empire Strikes Back is no exception, with there being a gaggle of issues that I never noticed, or cared to.

One of my favorite sins would is how completely incompetent the Imperial Forces are throughout the original trilogy. With an army of Stormtroopers, ships, AT-AT’s, and the most powerful Sith Lords at their disposal, you’d think the Rebels wouldn’t have much of a chance. Instead they’re constantly letting our motley crew of heroes out of their clutches, most laughably with the Millennium Falcon always managing to fly away in the nick of time. Also, the CinemaSins videos love to point out what terrible shots the Stormtroopers are. Aren’t they the elite group of clone soldiers? Shouldn’t they be able to shoot the slow moving C-3PO with ease? Come on Lucas.

Plus, there is the whole issue of Leia and Luke being twins, despite sharing a kiss in Empire. Blech. Sure, Yoda mentions there is “another” who can save the galaxy if Luke fails but come on. If she was his sister all along why are they involved in an incestuous love triangle for the first half of the original trilogy? Sure George, oh boy, you had them planned as siblings all along *eye roll*.

Personally, I love geeking out and finding the CinemaSins within the CinemaSins video and proving them wrong. Like I said, geeky. For instance, they added a sin for the scene where Han Solo puts Luke in the stomach of a Tauntaun to save him from freezing to death on the ice planet Hoth. CinemaSins claimed that Solo should have perished, as he wasn’t also taking shelter in a Tauntaun of his own. But in that scene Han mentions that the Tauntaun solution was temporary- just until he gets their true shelter (which he presumably has in his pack) set up. So there, CinemaSins. I win. 

Overall, this is one of my favorite CinemaSins videos. I love the video’s ability to make me see flaws in a movie I adore like Empire. And, rather than making me dislike the movie, I start to revel in the flaws. I will say that I missed Kevin Smith’s presence, as he guest starred in the A New Hope CinemaSins video, and added a hilarious new voice to the series. 

Now I just need a video destroying Phantom Menace- not that it would be especially hard. I’m talking to you Jar-Jar.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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